IKO Certified Instructor

Keiron Smith is an IKO kiteboarding instructor committed to your safety - following industry-standard best practice throughout your lessons & progression.

Ontario Kiteboarding Lessons

Come kite with us around Ontario - from downtown Toronto Islands, Cherry Beach and Ashbridge's Bay, to Wasaga Beach, Lagoon City and all the Great Lakes too!

Cabarete Kiteboarding Lessons

Come kite with us in the Dominican Republic - where, in the off-season, we improve our riding by kiting in the waves, and advance with lessons from the local kite pros.


Not only is Keiron IKO certified, but his perfectly paced, easy-to-digest, explicit instruction techniques are perfect for beginners. He’s positive, patient, encouraging, and a really good dude overall. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Jennifer Gro ~ Toronto, ON

IKO Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario & Kite Beach, Cabarete

IKO Instructors

Get the safest kiteboarding lessons using best practice as developed by the IKO

IKO Proficiency

Get tested and certified by an IKO instructor and then rent kite equipment worldwide

Equipment rentals

Rent equipment for the day - kite, board & harness. Proficiency test or IKO 3N required


Enjoy camping, bbq and beach parties with our local Ontario kite community


Join us for amazing kite trips around the world and exciting off-season continuing progression


Enter friendly and fun local kite competitions - and show off your latest bag of tricks

We Love Photography

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We Love Teaching Beginners

Meet Our Team

Keiron Smith

IKO Instructor

Keiron Smith is a recent graduate of Jonathan Dodds' Kite Club Cabarete IKO Instructor Course. Keiron brings a passion for teaching and the promise of your success. Everyone will fly.

Stef Pro

Kite Trick Consultant

An expert in kiteboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and snowboarding - Stef Pro brings leadership and his lifetime of boardsports experience to our team as the go-to coach for kite trick consultation!

Maike Elisa Team Rider

Maike Elisa

Team Rider

Maike is an avid wakeboarder turned addicted kiteboarder, competing in the Woman’s Freestyle D.R. OPEN Kiteboarding Competition. Maike is also a PHD math genius & online tutor too!


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