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Competition #3

Backroll Hand Drag Competition

Back by popular demand, the second annual Backroll Hand Drag competition!

After another year of practice will Stef Pro and JP be the top 2 riders again?  Or, will other hard training rider (ahem, Eric Moller, James Albert or Romain Bahia Augusta) take home the win for 2019?

We will hold this event in an Ontario location (to be decided) on some very windy day in August.

We are all hoping you can all make it out for this third and final competition of 2019 – if not to compete then at least to enjoy the stoke.

Rules, judging and prizes as before.

Special guest TBA!

Updates will be posted in our Facebook Group

If you would like to help organize, execute, sponsor or promote this event, please email us.


Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: August 30, 2019
Duration: 1 Day
Will Be: Windy Spot, August, 2019 (TBA)
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited
Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Cost: TBA
Prize: T-Shirt

Choose a channel, let's chat, let's go!
We are now offering wakesurfing, wakefoiling and wingfoiling too!

Keiron, Charlotte, Julian at Kite Club, Cabarete