Adeuri Corniel Competes At Big Air DR Open Promoting CurrentWaterWear Boardshorts

2x Vice GKA Freestyle World Champion Adeuri Corniel was a Big Air contender at the recent D.R. OPEN Kiteboarding competition at Kite Beach, Cabarete. 

On this day Adeuri also showcased new CurrentWaterWear boardshorts – made from RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES!

I was fortunate to spend a little time with CurrentWaterWear’s Victor and Silas and learned quite a lot about the philosophy and principles of conscious capitalism – more than boardshorts, more than a brand name, CurrentWaterWear is a movement that we all need at this time now!

“To become one with nature we have to respect it. Athletic wear made from recycled plastic bottles ♻️ Sharing positive stories, in a damaged world”

Learn more about CurrentWaterWater on their IG account here:

And, get in line (behind me) to order these planet saving boardshorts!


Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our Facebook group!)

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