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Brayan Betance – A Kite Beach, Cabarete Origin Story

Brayan Betance, 23, was born in Cabarete, and started kiting when he was 11 years old using a trainer kite and boogie board gifted to his family. Everyone in his family practiced, and Brayan would spend days using the trainer kite to pull himself on the boogie board all the way down the long Kite Beach shore break. 

Brayan’s first big ride was a 2-line, 3m Wipika kite and twintip board. Unlike modern kites today, Wipika kites had no safety! His second kite was an 8m Ocean Rodeo. 

Over the years, Brayan developed a passion for Big Air RedBull “King of the Air” style kiteboarding – competing in the 2013 DR Cabarete Open, the 2017 MaiTai Kite Festival, and placed 9th in the 2018 GKA Freestyle.

Brayan’s favorite trick is the big air kite loop!

His favorite brands at the moment are Core & North.

Brayan invites everyone to come to Cabarete, to get lessons on the beach of champions, and to discover all the other incredible adventures that are available here – waterfalls, SUP, surfing, caves, horseback riding, spear fishing, and the many amazing town festivals mixing tourists and locals in dance, and celebration.

Brayan was certified as an IKO instructor in 2017 and loves to teach as well. So, come to Kite Club Cabarete and get your lessons with Brayan – one of the best IKO instructors in the world.


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