Carlos David Joins Spleene Kiteboarding on Kite Beach Cabarete

Carlos David Joins Spleene Kiteboarding

Congratulations to Carlos David, 18, on joining the SPLEENE Kiteboarding team!

Carlos is very grateful to Kelvin Corniel and Optimal Kitesurfing Center Cabarete for showcasing his talent to Spleene Kiteboarding, helping to make this sponsorship come true!

Spleene Kiteboarding is giving Carlos a full 3 kite quiver (9m, 12m, 15.5m) plus bar and two Spleene boards. 

Growing up in Cabarete, Carlos also credits Adeuri Corniel and Ariel Corniel as key inspirations in his life. 

Carlos got his start in kiteboarding at the age of 14 when Adeuri brought him to the beach and gave him a 7m BEST kite and a lesson how to fly it.

Adeuri asked Carlos to practice with the kite until he demonstrated kite control. When Carlos showed kite control Adeuri gave him a kiteboard, and sent him out into the ocean. And the very first time on the board Carlos was able to ride upwind!

Adeuri also gifted Carlos his 2nd kite – a 7m North Vegas.

Carlos is now both a big air and freestyle kiteboarder. 

In July, 2019, Carlos placed 5th in the Cabarete Kite Festival “King of the Air” 2020 qualifiers held at the Millennium Resort Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

And, Carlos is presently working on the triple handle pass in preparation for the GKA Freestyle 2020 competition in Leucate, France! Get ready for it!

Carlos has a message for everyone in our group: 

“If you want to kite, just do it. Don’t think too much. If you think too much you stress, and if you stress you won’t do it. So just do it! And, to every kid that wants to kite, you are welcome to come to Kite Beach, Cabarete, to learn from us here. And, most importantly, use this incredible sport and kite community to live a positive life. When you start to kite your life will change completely because of all the great people you will meet!”


Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our group!)

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