Cindy Cordoba Says Girls That Learn To Kite On Kite Beach Cabarete Get Extra Girl Power! [Photography]

Introducing Cindy Cordoba, originally from Argentina, travelling the world (Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, & Brazil) but now, like everyone else that visits Kite Beach Cabarete, loves it here so much she would like to stay forever!

Cindy has been kiting for two years, learning back home in Argentina at El Sauce Kitesurf, where she also purchased her beautiful 7m and 10m F-ONE International kites.

You will always see Cindy riding into the sunset session sending her favorite backroll, double backroll and jump with grab tricks.

Cindy is now learning the frontroll!

All of this progression very impressive given just two years of riding experience!

For continuing inspiration Cindy looks up to other kite girls, especially her favorite role model Sandra Gerber!

Cindy’s message for girls everywhere:”Kiteboarding is an awesome sport & lifestyle for girls – and, when you learn to kite you get EXTRA GIRL POWER!”

While staying in Cabarete Cindy is looking for employment opportunities. She has a resume with nanny experience (she loves kids), and speaks both Spanish and English!

Cindy can presently be found working the front desk at Kite Club Cabarete.

Contact & follow Cindy’s global kite adventures on Insta here:

We Love Cindy!

Come kite with us – on Kite Beach, Cabarete!

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And, yes, Cindy censor approved 😉

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