Imma Nin Franch, Manager At Cabarete Kiteboarding Club

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Imma learned to kite 7 years ago while living in Tarifa, Spain, where she initially took windsurfing lessons but then made a quick switch to kiteboarding!

Imma came to Cabarete just 10 months ago in order to get certified as an IKO instructor through GoKite Cabarete- Kiteboarding School.

Imma’s commitment to student safety and success quickly earned her a new position as the manager of Cabaretekiteboardingclub

Imma’s first kite was a Mormaii and she is now currently riding a North Vegas.

Her inspirations include the sensational 15 year old Brazilian Pro rider Mikaili Sol and the 10x world champion Gisela Pulido, also from Barcelona Spain.

Imma enjoys competing, winning 1st in the Mexico, El Cayu Kite Race and 3rd recently in the Big Air D.R. OPEN Kiteboarding competition.

Imma’s message for the group: kiteboarding is challenging, so you have to be determined and keep at it, never give up!

So, if you’re looking for IKO kiteboarding lessons on Kite Beach, Cabarete, reach out to Imma, and learn from the best! 



Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our Facebook group!)

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