Javier Khaponi & Victoria Bramtot Win At DROpen Cabarete, Dec, 2023

Congratulations to We Love Kiteboarding team riders Javier Khaponi & Victoria Bramtot – at the DROpen, Dec, 2023!


Javier won 1st place in the Pro division! This is an outstanding achievement for Javier, as the Pro division includes all the best riders, the most experienced competitors in the Dominican Republic – even world champions!


This is Javier’s first win in ANY competition. He practices VERY hard, every windy day. But, hasn’t been entering competitions until this year when he joined the We Love Kiteboarding team!


Victoria, 12, is on fire, winning the Women’s division. With incredible support from her mom and dad, Victoria has quickly risen to the TOP of the Women’s division in Cabarete. On top of the this successful result at the DROpen, Victoria has also recently been sponsored by North Kiteboarding!


Victoria is a light for all girls in the Dominican Republic! If you’re a girl, and you want to learn to kite, reach out to Victoria, and get FREE lessons with We Love Kiteboarding!


We 2764.png Javier and Victoria


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