Keverly Succeeds, Completing IKO Level 1 Kiteboarding Lessons at Kite Club Cabarete

Congratulations to Keverly Dyson, saying yessssssssss to her Kite Life, getting lessons with We Love Kiteboarding at Kite Club Cabarete, completing IKO Level 1, learning theory, basic kite control and safety, flying a smaller trainer kite with short lines on Kite Beach.

Now Keverly is progressing through IKO Level 2, in the deep water, practicing body dragging and power strokes, using a bigger kite with longer lines.

Next lesson Keverly will learn how to self rescue, steady-pull, and then get up and riding on the board with her first waterstart, woot!

Say yessssssss to your Kite Life.

Come kite with us – on Kite Beach, Cabarete!

We Love Keverly

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