We Love Kite Club Cabarete

We Love Kiteboarding is currently at Kite Club Cabarete, on Kite Beach, home to the kite legends of past, present and future.

Come kite with us, meet the pros, get advanced unhooked clinics, beginner IKO lessons, or just relax and soak up the Sun and WINDerful social scene! Best times ever with WeLoveKiteboarding.com

Kite Club is an incredible spot, perfectly situated at the point closest to Kite Beach point, where the reef and rocks meet. The reef in the distance breaks the waves, allowing for the flattest, though still choppy, ride anywhere in Cabarete.

Kite Club is an IKO certified school, with some of the best IKO instructors to be found anywhere.

Kite Club is also home to a very warm and inviting social scene, a blend of Dominicans and expats, most of whom live in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Kite Club is also the go-to destination for many kite pros when training in the off-season. Along with the local kite pros, like Adeuri Corniel, Luis Alberto Cruz, Carlos David, Nisael Gomez and Posito Martinez, you will often find other pros like Robby James, Juan Rodriguez, Valentin Rodriguez, Eric Anderson and many more, all lined up on Kite Beach, sending it one after another, putting on a show like you would only see at the GKA world championships or Red Bull King of the Air!

If you have considered going to Kite Club, or anywhere on Kite Beach, Cabarete, think not more – just do it!

Go, and send it with the best – and, thank me later!

Yes, the video is an accurate reflection of the kind of experience you can expect to have when you visit Kite Club!

Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our Facebook group!)

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Keiron, Charlotte, Julian at Kite Club, Cabarete