Maike Muller Takes Foilboarding To The Next Level on Kite Beach Cabarete

We Love Kiteboarding team rider Maike Elisa Müller has taken her foilboarding skills to the next level!

No longer content to just stand on the foil, Maike can now be seen sitting on the foil (having a lunch break), and practicing yoga too (tree pose)!

We can’t wait to see the inevitable head stand (coming soon, I’m sure) as Maike further develops her new acrofoil skills and style.

On a twintip board, Maike can now been seen throwing KITELOOPS as well!

Woot, yeaaaaah! Progressssssssssssion!

Progression is not always easy to realize.

We have to commit, focus, crash, fail and try, try again!

Sometimes, progression can feel like a very distant, insurmountable, dream.

And, it is in those challenging moments that we can look around, and be inspired by the incredible success of our friends, like Maike, who are also out on the water, or flying through the air, giving 110% every-windy-day!

Thank you Maike for being an unstoppable inspiration!

We Love Maike

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