Sam Chilvers Supports We Love Kiteboarding With Massive Donation on Kite Beach Cabarete

SuperMassive thank YOUUUU to kiteboarding SUPERSTAR Samantha Chilvers, donating her previously sponsored 2020 freestyle Liquid Force kites (x3), bar, board & boots to the We Love Kiteboarding kids of Kite Beach, Cabarete!

This is a tremendous donation to help ensure our kids are forever lit, launching kiteloops, full sends every-windy-day!

These little ones are the next generation of pro rider!

Since Liquid Force went out of business last year Kite Club Cabarete & North Kiteboarding jumped on the opportunity to sponsor Samantha with all kinds of amazing brand new 2021 kites, bars and boards!

And, in the spirit of passing her good fortune forward, Sam wanted to give something to the kids here.

Massive big hearts and hugs

We Love Sam

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