Samantha Chilvers, A Kite Photographer’s Dream

Samantha Chilvers – A kite photographer’s dream! 

Sam has all the moves and knows all the angles. Unhooked, raleys, handle-passes, board grabs, and a face full of pure stoke too! 

Notice, Sam is covered in paint 😉 That is, in fact, the story of her life – along with kiteboarding too!

Originally from London, Ontario, Sam discovered kiteboarding and started taking lessons in 2012 when she moved her life and art studio to the Dominican Republic. 

With her experience in Canadian snowboarding Sam progressed naturally into kiteboarding tricks, and soon found herself sponsored by Star Kiteboarding International – competing around the world! 

In 2016 Sam joined Liquid Force Kiteboarding‘s international kiteboarding team, and opened her very own Chilvers Art Gallery in the popular Cabarete beachfront resort, Millennium.

Sam paints likes she rides – with WAVES!

Checkout her amazing paintings at


Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our group!)

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