Take Your Kites To Papo For Expert Kite Repair On Kite Beach Cabarete

The kids of Kite Beach, like Charly here, love to jump, loop, fly, crash and break their kites, bars and boards – of course!

So, we have to fix their equipment, and for that job we go see the amazing Papo!

Papo is a kite repair master! And, he makes a significant contribution to our We Love Kiteboarding fundraising by keeping the cost of all our kite repairs as low as possible.

From all the kids on Kite Beach, and myself, we would like to say THANK YOUUUUU PAPO for fixing all our kites, ensuring we can all affordably ride again – and as soon as possible too!

For anyone in Cabarete that needs kite repair, if you do not already know Papo and where to find him (Mangohouse) please let me know and we will take care of you and your kite repairs too!

We Love Papo

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  • Martin
    February 2, 2024

    Hi Guys, I have a broken CORE Kite. The leading edge seam seems to be open. Need new stiches around 5cm. Can you make me an offer for that? currently stay here in Cabarete. Thx a lot


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