We Love Kiteboarding Dominican Junior Team Salinas KiteFest 2023

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Welcome to our first annual fundraiser – we are presently fundraising for the 2023 season!
This video, shot and edited by Markendy La France Dorjuste, follows our We Love Kiteboarding Junior Team as they travel across the island, from Cabarete to Salinas, to compete in the prestigious KiteFest competition, in January 2023! Thank you Humberto!
Every child, teenager and young person dreams of one day competing side-by-side with their sporting all-star heroes! It is in the presence of such outstanding high performance that youngsters are deeply inspired!
Every Cabarete kite kid knows the legendary status of, and wants to become, the next Adeuri Corniel! But a lot goes into making the most of such opportunities when they are presented. The dream of competitive kiteboarding is expensive!
There is startup capital, kite repair, transportation, hotels, and registration fees – all ongoing costs required to enter prestigious competitions around the Dominican Republic and, eventually, the world.
And every kid needs to eat, eat, eat!
We Love Kiteboarding has succeeded in this project so far through the help of our very supportive kiteboarding community both back at home in Toronto, Ontario, and here in Cabarete!
Over the years, we have sold We Love Kiteboarding t-shirts for fundraising and received many donations of kites, bars, boards, and harnesses.
Bill Auer has been most generous in purchasing brand-new kites and boards for many of the kids!
And, over the years, big-name brands, like SPLEENE Kiteboarding, have shown tremendous support for next-generation Cabarete riders too, ensuring upcoming riders like Luis Ángel Lafrance always have the latest and greatest in kiteboarding equipment!
This year we were also invited by Patricia Hiraldo to participate for the first time in the Master Of The Ocean and received the coveted Beach Culture World Tour Team World Champions award from the legend himself, Brian Talma!
And we wouldn’t be here without Papo, our local Cabarete kite repair expert forever fixing the kid’s kites at cost – or less!
So, in the video, where you see these awesome kids standing on the podium – it took A LOT to get them there! For many reading this post they stand on the podium, in part, because of YOU!
So, thank YOU for your contributions!
Thank you for caring, and sharing, whether it be through purchases, donations, listening, words of strength, mentoring, coaching, or offering social media comments or shares!
The kids need all of us. And together – many hands make light work!
We are dreaming BIG – please checkout our GoFundMe!
We’ve had an amazing 2022 competition season, sending all these incredible kids on multiple kite trips to D.R. OPEN Kiteboarding and Salinas Kitefest, both world-class kiteboarding competitions around the beautiful Dominican Republic!
We Love Making Dreams Come True!

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