We Love Kiteboarding Junior Team Kite Trip To Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic

Dedicated to our junior team riders: Charly 1, Charly 2, Yunior, Benson, Yerson, Keyby, Bryan, Franklin, Riken, Yonny, Markendy, Ezequiel, Luis & Elisee!

The We Love Kiteboarding Dominican Junior Team is comprised (at present) of fourteen Kite Beach, Cabarete, youth, ages 11-18, supported through donations, fundraising, and out-of-pocket purchases for cell phones, computers, kiteboarding equipment and the inevitable ongoing cost of repairs.

The goal being to keep these amazing youth online for school, connected together locally and with our wider community globally, while also promoting the principles of team building and character development through their massive passion for kiteboarding!

This video is about a special three day trip to Buen Hombre, in the Dominican Republic, that we all very much wanted to share together.

The trip required extensive consultation and planning, getting permission from parents and the blessing and support of the Cabarete police department.

Then renting a bus and a car, plus five rooms in two hotels, and three days of fine restaurant dining.Buen Hombre is a legendary shallow, flat water, kiteboarding destination, approximately 3 hours from Cabarete.

The IKO school, Kite Buen Hombre is perfectly located on the point for lessons and accommodation. And compared to Cabarete, the wind is always stronger!For many years, these kids had only heard incredible tales about this kiteboarding nirvana. Nobody had been before. Not even me. This was a little dream come true for all of us.

While most of the funding for the kids comes from out of my own pocket, on this specific trip my good friend Eric Moller made a significant financial contribution, and was instrumental to the planning, booking, driving, and optimizing of day-to-day details. The trip would not have been possible without his passion & commitment to the project – thank you, Eric!

Special thank you to the Villacruzhotelrestaurant for paying extra special attention to the kids, making them all feel like VIPs, and also covering some of the meal expenses!

Over the past year I have been selling We Love Kiteboarding t-shirts and hoodies to raise money for Kite Beach, Cabarete, youth and their families. If you would like to help, purchasing apparel, you can find more information on our website or contact me via email, DM or WhatsApp.

Thanks for watching the video, and reading this post!

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