Yonny & Brayan, The Next Generation Of Pro Kiters

Yonny Almonte and Brayan Del Roa represent the next generation of Cabarete kite professionals! 

Both work very hard every-windy-day, pumping, rigging, launching and landing our kites, and, as time permits, practice even harder, learning to boost big, fly high, board grab, backroll and loop kites at Kite Club Cabarete

A special thank you to the Toronto kiteboarding community that donated kites, boards, bars and more, to help ensure these young guys have equipment to practice with, and progression year over year <3

With a little support, and lots of practice, the local kite kids can grow up to become IKO kiteboarding instructors, and maybe even sponsored professionals competing around the world!


Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our group!)

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