DROpen – Official Partner

Since 2021, We Love Kiteboarding and Raul Corniel (DROpen) have been partnering to develop the Dominican youth kiteboarding league.

The DROpen provides an amazing opportunity for many young, passionate kiteboarders to compete at the highest level alongside their

hometown heroes, and in front of hundred of spectators and professional judges.

The kids on Kite Beach grow up dreaming to compete at the highest levels both in the Dominican Republic and around the world!

The DROpen is the most prestigious kiteboarding competition in the Dominican Republic.

To win the main DROpen event in March, in Cabarete, is to become the Dominican National Champion!

It is in the presence of such outstanding high-performance that youngsters are deeply inspired!

Every Cabarete kite kid knows the legendary status of, and wants to become, the next Adeuri Corniel!

Every kid just needs an opportunity – like the one they receive in the DROpen.

But a lot goes into making the most of such opportunities when they are presented.

The dream of competitive kiteboarding is expensive!

There is startup capital, kite repair, transportation, hotels, and registration fees – all on-going costs required to enter prestigious competitions around the Dominican Republic and, eventually, the world.

But, with support from partners and sponsors, we will make it happen!

Thank you to our We Love Kiteboarding partners and sponsors:

We Love Raul and the DROpen

We Love Kiteboarding (join our Facebook group, see more photos, support our team)

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Keiron, Charlotte, Julian at Kite Club, Cabarete