F-One Eagle HM Carbon Foil


Aspect Ratio: 9.5.  Remarkable speed and downwind performances.  Unrivaled time above the water.  Thin and optimized design for minimal drag.


Available sizes, prices in CAD.

690cm² / 790 cm² / 890 cm² / 990 cm² / 1090 cm² / 1290cm² (inquire for prices)


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The EAGLE HM CARBON is the ideal foil for anybody seeking speed and fantastic downwind abilities. With its very thin profile and upturned winglets, the EAGLE’s induced drag is reduced to a minimum. It is a very efficient foil whose lift will allow you to stay above the water and cruise for longer than you could have ever imagined at any speed without the foil abruptly stalling and dropping.

Simultaneously, its upwind abilities are noteworthy, bringing comfort, stability, and constant speed to your wing foiling rides. Pumping is effective and precise, and maneuvering will feel easy in any conditions.

Built using the Monobloc structure with pre-preg carbon, the foils are both very light and strong. This setup brings improved load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control. The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup leads to even more rigidity and dependability that will propel you to incredible performances in each session. The TITAN connection allows to plug in either an aluminum or carbon mast.

The EAGLE HM CARBON foils are now available in six sizes: 690 cm², 790 cm², 890 cm², 990 cm², 1090 cm² and 1290 cm². 

  • The 690cm², a new addition to the range, and the 790 cm² are perfect for a strong wing session or a long downwind. It will also fit riders of a smaller build and any experienced foiler looking to break their personal records. 
  • The 890 cm² and 990 cm² are great all-round sizes that will satisfy a wide range of advanced riders looking for exhilarating sensations and a pure downwind glide.
  • The 1090cm² and 1290 cm², another addition, bring more accessibility to downwind. They are great choices to start in SUP downwind and for riders of a bigger stature. The 1290 will excel in light wind and flat downwinds as well. 

All sizes but the 690 cm² are recommended with the DW210 HM stab, just as thin as the front wing. This stabilizer will allow you to gain more speed and pumping efficiency. The 690 cm² will be at it best when paired with the XXXS 190 DW Monobloc Tail, ideal for strong conditions and very experienced riders. Thanks to its smaller surface area, the DW190 offers even more speed and better maneuverability.

Mister Bennetts riding F-One Eagle 690.

Mister Bennetts riding F-One Eagle 690.

Mister Bennetts riding F-One Eagle 690.

Gust Hunter wing-foiling w/ F-One Eagle 1090.

Mister Bennett riding F-One Eagle 790.

MACkiteboarding F-One Eagle 990 review.

Brad downwinder F-One Eagle 1290.

Brad downwinder F-One Eagle 1090.

Mister Bennetts riding F-One Eagle 690.

From Mister Bennetts' Q & A

Q: Why use Eagle instead of SK8?

A: You can ride 1 size down and get more glide and similar turning… and you’re going way faster.

Q: When do you use the SK8?

A: 550 SK8 for towing, otherwise I’m on the 690 eagle as my daily driver

From Brad's Q & A

A: The Eagles have a speed range similar to the [Axis] Arts, but they turn far better. In my experience the Armstrong wings are quick but have a high stall speed for a comparative size, so you need to size up, and then you lose turning. I like how the F-One gear fits together too.

A: The 1090 Eagle has a great range – I’ll be on the 890 and 1090 exclusively through summer for ocean runs. The bumps were really slow and tiny on this run and we had to get up 20 times – the Seven Seas 1400 paddles up on nothing.


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