Star Kiteboarding Cruz Board V1 (2020)


The Cruz board V1 is a freeride / all-round kiteboard for beginners and advanced. A super durable board that offers a lot of comfort during kiting. The board also surfs very well when there is little wind blowing. The Cruz V1 is the ultimate freeride experience!

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Material Construction
The core is made of several layers of paulownia wood. Carbon is used, which is stronger than fiberglass when it comes to tensile stress. It also lowers the weight while offering greater rigidity for an unrivaled pop-up. The huge rocker also allows for better control during landings. Biax carbon is applied on the underside at an angle of 45 degrees and ensures maximum pop-up, grip, cushioning and comfort thanks to the biaxial fibers. A fiberglass layer with a UV protection layer protects the top deck.

The deep channels on the bottom make it possible to sail without fins, while still maintaining control. This ensures a fine balance between control, planning and comfortable turns. From the center to the outside, the tips become slightly thinner, creating extra flexibility in the tips. This ensures control at high speeds, in choppy water and on hard landings. The double concave with v-hull provides more stability.


Pads & Straps
The pads and straps provide the highest available comfort with a maximum range of adjustment options. They are not only comfortable, but also provide an unparalleled connection between the kite surfer and his board.



  • Super comfortable
  • Flexible tips
  • Paulownia core
  • M6 ABS reinforced inserts & rails
  • Super light wind properties
  • Double unidirectional carbon beam


Available sizes:

  • 135 x 41 cm (Green & Red)
  • 138 x 42 cm (Green & White)
  • 142 x 43 cm (Yellow & White)


The board is supplied including fins, handle and bindings.
The materials at STAR are carefully packed in a sturdy box with a lot of protection on the inside to prevent damage.


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