Star Kiteboarding Elite Bar V4 (2020)


Star Kiteboarding engineered the Elite V4 control bar to offer all kiteboarders a clean, hassle-free riding experience.

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Less Is More By Design
STAR has developed the ELITE BAR V4 that gives every kiter a trouble-free kitesurfing experience. By designing only what is absolutely necessary for a control bar and using the simplest safety system in the industry, our pros no longer have to adjust their bar and beginners can concentrate more on their kite session without compromising their safety. The bar is very functional and suits all styles.


Material Construction
Simplicity improves the performance, but also the durability. More parts usually means more potential malfunctions. The bar is composed of a few simple parts made from the most durable materials in the kite industry. This is to create a durable, heavy duty control bar that can withstand all weather conditions. It meets the AFNOR standards and can be used on most 4-line kites.


Comes With

  • 24 meter lines and safety leash.
  • Protected single depower line instead of two: no more stopper – so more depower range.
  • Red safety line PU fully protected (to prevent wear)
  • Orange / gray grip with a softer feel stainless steel center piece (bar hole)
  • New bar ends design and shape: leave more room to store your lines.
  • Now available with a mini leash, much more convenient for freeride, old school jumping and surfing.
  • Fully coated orange / gray lines, very durable and virtually no stretch (no stretch).


In Use
The elite V4 bar is easy to trim. By pulling the clamcleat on the cord you can easily and very precisely power and depower the kite. You pull the cord towards you for the depower and let it go again for more power. Super easy! The quick release and the simple safety system make this a very safe bar.



  • Pre-stretched, color-coded and durable lines
  • Heavy-duty and easy-to-use de-power strap
  • Soft molded bar ends / floaters (with bungee for packing lines)
  • Comfortable bar handle quality chicken loop, with swivel to rotate lines manually under the bar
  • Clam cleat depower system
  • The chicken loop is easy to reset
  • Plastic-covered sheath protects the center line glides smoothly between the fingers and never gets worn out



  • Mini leash
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Good grip 24 meter lines


The 5th generation elite V4 control bar 2019 is supplied in 50 cm and 55 cm, including bar bag. The materials at STAR are carefully packed in a sturdy box with a lot of protection on the inside to prevent damage.

You can track your order via a track and trace system, which is handy as you do not have to stay home the whole day before.


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