We Love Kiteboarding Short Sleeve Team T-Shirt



We Love Kiteboarding sponsors and supports Dominican teenagers in their pursuit of competitive kiteboarding and professional career development.

  • We provide kite equipment, and financing for travel to regional competitions.
  • We provide opportunities for certification through the IKO to develop professional kiteboarding careers.
  • We create jobs in social media & video production.

Buying our team t-shirt helps support our team and our mission!


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We Love Kiteboarding Team DROpen Puerto Plata, April, 2023

Special Edition!
Each t-shirt will be tagged with “Kite Beach, Cabarete Special Edition”


Stoked Guarantee
If you receive our t-shirt and are not 100% totally stoked with the quality of the design or material then return it within 60-days for a complete refund.


Original Design
The kiteboarder has been carefully hand-crafted to capture all the important little details that come to define what goes into our incredible kiteboarding experience!  You can see the kite, bar, lines, harness, board, straps, fins, and hand grab trick, in a forward facing, dynamically posed, airborne, action shot.  The entire graphic is designed of the highest quality, showcasing very fine illustrative detail, guaranteed to get you stoked.

The phrase “We Love Kiteboarding” comes straight from our heart!  Although kiteboarding is an individual experience, it is the kite community that provides massive ongoing support and an incredible spirit of shared adventure, that together, through all the lessons, progression, storytelling, and kite trips, ensures for each of us the ultimate kite experience is one of WE – not just me.


T-Shirt Quality
WeLoveKiteboarding prints to order, and hand-inspects each t-shirt, to ensure the highest quality in material and design.

Our T-shirts are 100% super soft ring-spun cotton, fit great, and have a bit of stretch to them.  They’re thick yet soft (a tough combination to come by) and fit true to size (most people are not surprised by the sizing).


Our measurements (in inches):

Length | Width
S – 23” | 18”
M – 25” | 20.5”
L – 26.5” | 22.5“
XL – 27” | 24.5”
2XL- 28” | 26.5”


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