Aleko’s First Mini-Hurricane

The wind was soft all afternoon at Lagoon City, ON. After 3pm, many riders on 12m kites were working soooo hard to stay upwind, including me.

Most packed up, leaving between 5pm – 7pm.

But, Aleko and I would not give up the day!

We wanted to kite, kite, kite!

Please bring us wind, wind, wind!

And so we headed back into the lake about 7:30, waiting, waiting, waiting – we could feel something coming ever soooooo slooooowly!

And then the dark clouds rolled in, and, like, YAY, for sure this will bring some wind, right!?

Fortunately, my spider sense was tingling, and looking out for Aleko, I got us both flagged out, just in time.

Aleko’s first (mini) hurricane – 27k38g


And, just like that it was over…

Hey, look at that cool cloud formation! Maybe that is finally going to bring some wind!
Yay! Wind, finally!
Spider sense is tingling. Better go check in on Aleko!

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