Alex Succeeds Completing IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Lessons At Oliphant Lake Huron Ontario

Alex Succeeds Completing IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Lessons At Oliphant, Lake Huron, Ontario

Congratulations Alex Grippo, UP and RIDING, successfully completing IKO Level 2, delivered to the promised land in the beautiful, warm and shallow, Oliphant, ON!

Alex makes is look easy – and in one of the videos just keeps going, going, going, gone – he is not coming back!

And, he is not coming back because Alex keeps generating power with his kite, little power stokes to maintain speed and balance.

Success through determination – and, a little bit of instruction, plus, picking the right kite and board for the moment.

It’s just that simple.

We like to say…“A calm mind flies a calm kite”

So, take a deep breath, and live your dreams come true because…yes, you can!

Come kite with us, get UP and RIDING, make many new best friends, live your best life now, and forever after.

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