Anne New Joins Our Kite Beach Cabarete Fundraising Initiative

Anne New Joins Our Fundraising Initiative

My good friend, the AMAZING Anne New, has joined our Kite Beach fundraising initiative, purchasing one of our We Love Kiteboarding $80 hoodies, and together we will be sending ALL THE MONEY to Kite Beach, Cabarete, families in need!

Together we’ve all raised more than $1000 CAD to buy food!

Massive THANK YOUs to everyone who has joined our initiative!

Cabarete is presently challenged with significant unemployment as the worldwide travel bans have eliminated the Dominican Republic tourism industry for the last three months.

Our donations are used to buy food for the many families who are struggling at this time. Hopefully, the travel bans will be lifted, and the DR economy, back in business. Until then, every little donation helps!

We’ve got more t-shirts & hoodies in production, selling both globally online and at local Ontario kite beaches every-windy-day throughout the summer. Advanced orders will be filled soon!

Let’s keep raising money, let’s keep buying more food!

We Love Anne New!

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