Backroll Hand Drag Kiteboarding Competition Highlight Reel At Cherry Beach!

Massive thanks and respect to the kiters that came out to Cherry Beach, Toronto, Ontario and participated, sending their kites, totally going for it, over and over again! 

Stef Pro
Eric Moller
James Albert
JP Pépin
Romain Bahia Augusta

The competition rules were simple: perform the backroll hand drag trick as close as possible to the handheld GoPro. All trick attempts were recorded.

There was no limit on the number of trick attempts that could be made by each kiter during the event time. 

The best tricks and wipeouts have been compiled into the short highlight reel for our WeLoveKiteboarding community to vote on. Now, it’s up to YOU! 

The kiter that receives the most votes as the competition winner and the kiter that receives the most votes for the best wipeout will each receive a coveted WeLoveKiteboarding t-shirt!

Using the kiter’s first name please vote in the comments below; i.e. “X for the WIN, Y for the WIPEOUT.” 

That’s it!

This competition was created as a fun way to help our kiters focus, and consistently practice over the summer, on developing this one, very cool, flashy hover trick. 

On the day of the competition, at the 5pm start time, there was, of course, no wind! Fortunately, a little gusty wind picked up about sunset, leaving limited time and sunlight for the event. Still, together, WE all made this competition a success!

Thanks for watching the highlight reel, for voting, for sharing, and for being a part of our WeLoveKiteboarding Facebook group!

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