Chris And Mark Succeed, Completing IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Lessons At Oliphant, Lake Huron, Ontario

Congratulations brothers Chris Buldyke and Mark Buldyke up and riding, completing IKO Level 2 with power & style, in beautiful Oliphant, Lake Huron, Ontario!

Chris and Mark were unstoppable, hopping waves, riding no-hands, carving UPwind to the islands, and all this on just their first day on the board!

We expect to see these two boosting high and landing backrolls before the season is over!

See vids for proof!

The brothers also joined our fundraising initiative, buying a couple of We Love Kiteboarding hoodies & t-shirts, and we’ll be sending the money to our Cabarete, Kite Beach Fund!

Massive thanks to Patrick Mendoza for making this day a success – Kite Beach Pro Legend is in the house!

We love teaching, helping our students succeed – it lights us up inside!

Say yessssssss to your Kite ❤ Life and come kite with us – in Oliphant and many other beautiful destinations of Ontario, all yours to discover!

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