Dave and Emma Succeed, Completing IKO Level 1 Kiteboarding Lessons At Oliphant, Ontario

The forecast for Saturday in Oliphant looked terrible, predicting thunderstorms and rain, all day.

As much as we LOVE our wind and weather apps https://wx.ikitesurf.com and the https://www.theweathernetwork.com, we can not let mathematical models determine our life. We must have boots on the ground to make fully informed decisions!

What we knew FOR SURE was that there would be WIND!

So, we made the 3 hour drive, camped the night before, and got up early in the morning, with fingers crossed, ready for action.

There was a little rain off and on throughout the day, but who cares? We are going to get wet anyways!

Everyone that made the 3-hour trip from Toronto was rewarded with an excellent day of kiteboarding progression!

Dave Morin and Emma Jones, our last students of the day, came from North Bay, far, far away. Scheduled for lessons at 6pm I had to give them the “bad news”. Radar was showing a thunderstorm heading into our area, and tornado warnings were in effect a little South of us. I said we could begin the lesson, but would probably have to stop, maybe even cancel the lesson, if the weather became too GNARLY!

So, with all that in mind, would they still want to go ahead with the lesson? Well, of course they did! North Bay is a 6 hour drive, and the didn’t want to leave without having a chance to fly the kites.

So, we began the lesson, and as forecasted, the extreme weather arrived in the form of a squall with 30 knots of gusting wind!

As soon as the squall subsided the clouds parted and a beautiful sky opened providing the layup for an amazing sunset.

The wind blew perfectly for the rest of the lesson.

Dave and Emma were unflinching in the squall. The entire lesson they were both giddy with excitement, laughing and joking. And, so they should be. These two live for the action!

Dave is an Ontario FIREFIGHTER and Emma, an Ontario ADVENTURE TOUR OPERATOR (Off The Beaten Track)!

So, if it was an exciting kiteboarding lesson they were looking for, Oliphant, once again, delivered us all to the promised land!

We Love David and Emma (tornado chasers!)

We Love Oliphant

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