Charly, Yerson, Yunior, Brayan, Luis, Eliser & Yonny delivering food to kite beach families in need

Delivering Food & Celebrating Our Kite Beach Fundraising Success

It’s Time to Celebrate!!!

Since the pandemic began, the Toronto kiteboarding community has shown a lot of love buying our We Love Kiteboarding t-shirts and hoodies to raise money for Kite Beach, Cabarete, families in need, helping to buy food and other essentials, at this time.

The inspiration for our fundraising comes from the young men on Kite Beach, each of whom is pictured in our Facebook group banner – Charly, Yerson, Yunior, Brayan, Luis, Eliser & Yonny. You can also see them all starring in the our Kite Trips To Kite Club Cabarete video! (also below).

Together, self-organizing, they provide an essential service to all visiting kiteboarders – pumping, rigging lines, launching & landing kites, and, most importantly, if required, swimming out to help us self-rescue, retrieve our lost boards, and carry our equipment up the beach, sometimes for miles, back to where we started!

For this service we tip these budding entrepreneurs a few dollars each day, which all adds up, providing for a nice little self-employed income that is taken home to share with their families.

Sharing donated kite equipment, together, they have all become exceptional kiteboarders, and with continued practice, will grow up to become professional instructors and possibly future world champions too!

Like true local leaders, given recent funds we sent to Kite Beach, Charly, Yerson, Yunior, Brayan, Luis, Eliser & Yonny, along with Brayan Betance, also helped to deliver needed food to many families in their Kite Beach communities.

And, since these young men inspired our fundraising initiative, helping to so far raise more than $1500 CAD, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate their success and take them all for dinner at one of the best restaurants in Cabarete – Ali’s Surf Camp!

Thank you Charly, Yerson, Yunior, Brayan, Luis, Eliser & Yonny for your inspiration, service and leadership – our world needs more great young men like you!

Of course, all of this food buying, delivering, and trip-to-the-restaurant organizing would not be possible without a little adult supervision.

And, for that we have to say thank you to my good friends Brayan Betance and Zara Imrie De Betances!

Massive thank you to all Toronto kiteboarders that have helped with the Kite Beach fundraising, either through buying apparel, renting equipment, or, in some cases, simply offering a donation. You are making a difference!

We Love Kite Beach

Charly, Yerson, Yunior, Brayan, Luis, Eliser & Yonny celebrate the success of our Kite Beach fundraising initiative!

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