Derek James Gets Second IKO Kiteboarding Lesson At Oliphant, Lake Huron, Rides Both Ways

Blessed with amazing winds and summertime temperatures, we are still teaching in November!

Last week Derek was UP and RIDING on his first day of lessons at Oliphant, Ontario – but we didn’t get video, and his friends didn’t believe he could be riding on his first day!

So, yesterday, Derek returned for his second day of lessons, and this time we got the video – cause if we don’t post a video, it never happened, right!?

Derek has been unstoppable – and with just 2 lessons has totally crushed his kite goals, completing IKO Level 1 & IKO Level 2, up and riding and EDGING up wind too!

Congratulations, Derek!

And, I think it is fair to say, Derek “Approves This Message”!

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Say yes to your kite kife because the time is always NOW!

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