Get Wing-Foiling & Wake-Foiling Lessons at Cherry Beach, Toronto, ON

We are now offering a 10-hour wing-foiling and wake-foiling program in downtown Toronto – around Cherry Beach and the Toronto Islands.

All lessons are delivered at Cherry Beach, the Outer Harbour.

This spot is PERFECT for lessons – the water is completely protected, so always FLAT, NO WAVES!

All lessons are delivered from our huge wake-surfing boat.

Lessons include:

  1. Wing handling on the beach.
  2. Wing handling on a big stand-up paddle board (SUP) with boat support.
  3. Wake-foiling with the rope behind our boat.
  4. Wake-foiling without the rope behind our boat.
  5. Wing-foiling on your own – but with boat support (read more below).
  6. Wing-foiling downwinders, once you have experience.

As part of the 10 hour program, we offer WAKE-FOILING lessons to build the solid foundation required for your wing-foiling success!

If you can’t wake-foil, you can’t wing-foil.  So, first things first.

Learning to WAKE-FOIL, towed behind the boat, allows us to:

  1. Set a constant speed for the tow.
  2. Set a constant direction for the tow.
  3. Coach you constantly from the boat, providing necessary feedback to accelerate your learning curve.
  4. Book your lessons anytime – no wind is required.

As part of the 10 hours program, we offer WING-FOILING lessons, using our boat to support your exploration of WING handling and FOIL balancing.

Learning to WING-FOIL, with boat support, allows us to:

  1. Go anywhere, in any wind direction.
  2. Switch with you to demonstrate proper technique.
  3. Follow you in the boat and coach from a close distance.
  4. Give you a ride, in comfort and style, back UPWIND anytime.
  5. Eliminate all the worries associated with learning to wing-foil without a boat.

Get professional WING-FOILING and WAKE-FOILING lessons and succeed!

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