Great Lakes Surf Company Partners With Nobile Kiteboarding To Offer Best Prices In Ontario

The Great Lakes Surf Company opened this year and are helping to provide quality kite gear at great prices for kiteboarding on the lakes of Ontario. Currently they are one of a few dealers of all NOBILE kite products in Ontario.

If you are looking for quality NOBILE kite gear, get in contact with them, and they will get you a quote at a great price.

Welcome the Great Lakes Surf Company to the WE LOVE KITEBOARDING community.

The Great Lakes Surf Company also hosts an annual water sports film festival called the Great Lakes Surf Film Festival to help bring the community together to showcase short films and good vibes. This year the event was well attended on April 28th at Patagonia Toronto and showcased some great films of kiting and surfing. We look forward to next years film festival. Hope many of you can come out and think about submitting a short. Capture, edit, and submit a short kite film.

Check out the Great Lakes Surf Company website, and follow their Facebook and Instagram for more details and great deals on the latest 2023 Nobile kiteboarding equipment!

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  • September 23, 2022

    Thank you for the kind words. Life is better when you’re kiteboarding. 🙂
    Mike Komljenovic
    Great Lakes Surf Company


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