IKO Water Start Lessons With Jennifer Gro At Lagoon City & Holmes Point, Lake Simcoe – Moments That Mean The Most!

The kiteboarding school season may be getting colder, but it’s not over yet! 

Yesterday, Jennifer Gro had her first water-based IKO lesson at Holmes Point, Lake Simcoe, learning how to body drag and power-stroke. As you can see in this video, Jennifer is having tons of fun, learning fast, quickly putting the different skills together – totally stoked she announces with success “I did a combo!!” ??

As an instructor, these are the moments that mean the most. Learning to kite is challenging. But, as long as we keep showing up, determined, getting into the water, focused on a goal, working towards progression, step-by-step, day by day, one win at a time, we will all eventually learn how to fly! ?

Congratulations, Jennifer, on another successful lesson – soon you will be ready for the board 😉

And, a massive THANK YOU to Raymond Chan for lending me a wetsuit, without which this lesson would not have even been possible!

Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our group!) 

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