Jennifer Gro Completes IKO Lesson Level 1 At Ashbridges Bay

Congratulations to Jennifer Gro who completed IKO Level 1 learning to fly a 4.5m trainer kite at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, Ontario, this afternoon!

Her first piloting experience began with expected kite crashes, but her mind and body quickly TUNED into the very subtle feelings and nuance of kite flight dynamics – eventually Jennifer experienced the MOMENT it all just clicks!

With great confidence in bar control, and a little wind-window theory, Jennifer learned to launch, land, fly with one-hand, fly with twisted lines, and, of course, actively engage the safety and security, letting go of the bar, flagging the kite, and then thinking carefully before releasing the safety leash.

Learning new things is only as fun (and safe) as the excellent teachers that help you soar. Not only is Keiron IKO certified, but his perfectly paced, easy-to-digest, explicit instruction techniques are perfect for beginners. He’s positive, patient, encouraging, and a really good dude overall. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. – Jennifer Gro

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Photo credit: We Love Kiteboarding (join our group!)

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