Katelyn Daniell succeeds, completing IKO Level 1 kiteboarding lessons at Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands

On this day, Ontario was under an extreme weather alert, tornados touched down and destroyed some neighbourhoods in the city of Barrie!

Hanlan’s Point was a little overcast but totally storm-free. The end of day rolling, stormy cloud front, made for an extraordinary sunset!

Katelyn showed great kite control during her first lesson, learning to fly a 4.5m power kite safely in the wind window.

Brett house also had his first water-based lessons, learning to fly, body drag and relaunch a 9m F-One power kite.

Maxime Plank was crushing the waves, flying an 11m F-One power kite, practicing water starts into the sunset.

Get IKO kiteboarding lessons with us – at the Toronto Islands!

We Love Hanlan’s



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