Kent Ackerman Support We Love Kiteboarding Fundraising Initiative

Kent Ackerman Starts Our Fundraising Iniaitive

Stoked and honored to say my friend, the AMAZING, the LEGENDARY Kent Ackerman bought one of our We Love Kiteboarding hoodies today, and we’ll be sending 100% of the proceeds to Kite Beach, Cabarete families in need!

Kent is an ever smiling, unstoppable full-year around, Cherry Beach, foilboarding force-to-be-reckoned-with and WOO world-record-holder! At this time, ranking 6th in WOO Total Airtime, with a whopping 2 days/18 hrs AND ranking 8th in WOO Total Height with an insane 354.83 km!

I can’t really wrap my head around those statistics. And, yeah, so, imo, that makes Kent a LEGEND ??

We Love Kent!

And, yes, there are more hoodies, all printed, and ready to go, I will deliver anywhere in the Toronto GTA, and the money goes into the Kite Beach Fund. Hola if you want to get the best looking kiteboarding hoodie on the market and help our Kite Beach friends & families at the same time too!

Checkout the We Love Kiteboarding t-shirts here!

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