Kiteboarding in Toronto, Ontario, Hanlan's Point, Sunset Session Keiron Smith 2020 F-ONE 9m Bandit

Kiteboarding In Toronto, Hanlan’s Point, First Ride With Our New 2020 F-ONE 9m Bandit

For many Toronto kiteboarders end of season is now near. Lake Ontario is getting crispy cold. The temperature drops quickly at sunset.

Entering the second week of October the remaining fall sessions come with a “now or not-again-this-year” sell by date.

The colder it gets the easier it can be to say no. But, heyyyyy, we’re not done yet!

The wind was BLASTING 23k40g at some points throughout the afternoon, so we MUST ride this evening.

Andrew and I planned on the water taxi, but were tricked into taking the Toronto ferry because all the downtown Toronto water taxi stands were closed – so we figured that’s it, no more taxis for the season?

But, no, there is at least one Toronto water taxi running a pick-up service from 11am to 8pm until the end of October!

Call first to confirm ‎(416) 838-8294. Thanks MATIAS for this tip!

Arriving at Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Island, getting off the ferry, we encountered more kiteboarders getting on the ferry, going the other way – returning downtown.

“You’ll need a 5m kite to ride!!” one yelled as we passed each other.

Andrew and I only brought 9m kites. I have the new F-ONE Bandit – and stoked to try!

5m? WTF?

We’re not stopping now.

Go big, or go home, indeed!

(c) Copyright Julian Ganton for all the amazing images in the gallery above!

The wind was blasting at Hanlan’s Point. Sand kicking me in the eyes.

Andrew launched first. I was going to self-launch, just wait for a lull, I thought.

I considered it for about 10 minutes, then…hmmmmmm. Maybe not. Decided against it, and walked instead to ask a kiter at the other end of the beach for a launch – and that turned out to be my good friend Julian Ganton.

I love it when a plan comes together 😉

^^^ That’s an A-Team reference

We had about an hour on the water. The 2020 F-ONE 9m Bandit was a dream to ride.

Beers cheers afterwards, and the water taxi (we called) picked us up at the wall. Tipped the driver for that!

Soon it will be COLDDDD in Toronto, Ontario.

So, say yes to your Kite Life – every chance you get.

Sunset F-ONE main post image (c) Andrew Pichora

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