Alex, Daniella, Chris, Mark, Mark, Patrick, Keiron Kiteboarding Lessons At Turkey Point Lake Erie Ontario Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Kiteboarding Lessons At Lagoon City, Lake Simcoe & Turkey Point, Lake Erie, Thanksgiving Long Weekend

We had an amazing long weekend, with tons of progression!

Marc Apollonio and Alex G learned how to drift launch and then, with a little supervision, were riding on their own for two days in the flat water of Lagoon City and then gnarly waves of Turkey Point.

Brothers Mark Buldyke and Chris B were FLYING at Lagoon City (video) and then riding deep into the big gnarly waves of Turkey Point!

New student, Dale, found his FLOW at Turkey Point, with a little “tune up” lesson after an absence from kiteboarding this season.

Kite Legend Patrick Mendoza supervised all of us, while SENDING continuing inspiration (video) throughout each day!

And, of course, we encountered many challenges along the way! Body dragging in big waves – not so easy – boards can be lost. Chicken loops sometimes accidentally detach from a harness. Self-rescues do not always go according to plan. And, kites loop when the line wraps around the bar.

Together, watching over one another, all problems made are problems solved. We talk about what went right, what went wrong and what would make it better next time.

We can’t always choose the lesson we want. Sometimes, the lesson chooses us. But, they’re all lessons in the end.

Even if it sometimes feels like one-step-forward, then two-steps-back, truth is, the more-we-kite, the better-we-get.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone everywhere!

We Love Kiteboarding

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