Learn to Waterstart with Wakesurfing Lessons at Cherry Beach, Toronto, ON

Learn how to successfully WATER-START!

Without previous boardsports, the kiteboarding water-start, i.e, learning how to balance on the kiteboard while also flying the kite – is the most challenging beginner’s lesson.

As a beginner, we can focus on the water-start challenge with wakesurfing lessons!

Learning to WAKE-SURF, towed behind the boat, allows us to:

  1. Set a constant speed for the tow.
  2. Set a constant direction for the tow.
  3. Coach you constantly from the boat, providing necessary feedback to accelerate your learning curve.
  4. Book your lessons anytime – no wind is required.

With WAKE-SURFING lessons, we are removing the kite variable, and this allows us to focus 100% on board balance and edging technique.

Once you have demonstrated proficiency wakesurfing behind our boat you will find the kiteboarding water-start much, much, easier.

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