L'eduardo Reyes IKO Level 1 Kiteboading Lessons Woodbine Beach Toronto Ontario

L’eduardo Reyes Completes IKO Level 1 Kiteboarding Lessons At Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Ontario!

Congratulations L’eduardo Reyes, completing IKO Level 1 kiteboarding lessons today, at Woodbine Beach, downtown Toronto!

We struggled a little with the wind, but in the end had a great lesson mixing it up with both trainer foil and leading edge kites.

For his first lesson, L’eduardo showed incredible kite control, quickly learning how to read, time and finesse the kite back into action during a lull in the wind.

L’eduardo is a total natural for kiteboarding, and, I guess, so he should be, he is originally from the Dominican Republic!

Now, we are both looking forward to his next lessons in the water.

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