L’eduardo Reyes Succeeds, Completing IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Lessons, At Oliphant, Lake Huron

Congratulations L’eduardo Reyes, finding success this weekend, up and riding on the board for the first time, completing IKO Level 2, at beautiful Oliphant, ON! Now we’re looking forward to your success with IKO Level 3, learning to ride UPwind! You are unstoppable!

Aleko Kokkinias was shredding like never seen before, super-powered, flying through his transitions turns! You’ve come a long way in this season, and we’re just getting warmed up!

Welcome back to your Kite Life, Andreea Georgescu! Now you’re in the groove again we hope to see you kiting with us every chance you get. The more you practice the better you get. The better you get, the more you want to practice!

Stoked to see my good friend Denys aligatr, the owner & operator of my favorite Ontario kite school CKSS.ca- Canadian Kite Surfing Society! Thank you always for sharing the wisdom!

Brennan Basnicki (RipATrip.com) showed us how to find good form with his first magic carpet ride – now levels up and gets +1 foilboarding skills!

Loved sharing the sunset and campfire with Berk Kadakgil, Claudia Sikorski & Andrew!

Old friends found (Liliana Pa) new friends made (Nataliya)!

Oliphant delivered us all – to the promised land! Best times always!

Say yes to your Kite Life because the time is always now!

L'eduardo Reyes Completes IKO Level 2 At Oliphant Ontario
L’eduardo Reyes Completes IKO Level 2 At Oliphant Ontario

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