Jason Ghostrider Maloney Cherry Beach Wind Sensor

New Jason “GhostRider” Maloney Cherry Beach Kiteboarding Weatherflow Wind Report Sensor And Listing

New Jason “Ghostrider” Maloney Cherry Beach WeatherFlow sensor station listing on ikitesurf.com!*


Jason loved kiteboarding at Cherry Beach, and dedicated so much time that he holds All-Time Global WOO Records for total height, total air time. and total distance!

Special thanks to Yuri VernikovskyLaurie Williams, Zbig, Lukas and everyone else involved in upgrading the weather forecasting technology available around Toronto, ON.

We Love Jason To Infinity And Forever

In November, 2020, Jason passed away in a kiteboarding accident at Cherry Beach, Toronto, ON.

In October, 2020, Jason had joined our fundraising initiative. He loved the t-shirt and hoody (saying he would sleep in it, never took it off).

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