Kite Pro Patrick Mendoza Joins We Love Kiteboarding!

My student today, Patrick Mendoza, was UNBELIEVABLE!

We went for lessons at Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands.

First, Patrick learned how to fly the kite on the beach, and I thought he was a quick learner!

Next, we went into the water, and again, everything came so quickly to Patrick!

Right away he was up and riding on the board!

Finally, I thought learning to kite UPwind would be a challenge, but noooooooooo, Patrick could kite upwind NO Problem!

But, could he JUMP? Why, yesssssssss! Patrick could jump!

Jump with a grab!

Jump inverted with a grab!

Jump transition turn!


ZOMG! What is going on!!!


I must be a very good instructor! Right??? Or…

Patrick is a Cabarete Kiteboarding Legend!

Yessssssssssss he is!

Originally from Cabarete and now living in Ontario, Patrick is back behind the bar, and ready to SEND IT in Ontario!

Honestly, I feel very blessed to share time with such a amazing kite spirit. Patrick has been kiting for almost 20 years, learning on the very first 2-line Wipika kites when he was just 13 years old. And, Patrick is going to help build up our school too!

So, get ready for your next level! Kite Pro is in the house!

We Love Patrick!

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