Pierre Thiriez IKO Level 1 Kiteboarding Lessons Holmes Point Park Lake Simcoe

Pierre Thiriez Succeeds, Completing IKO Levels 1 & 2, Up And Riding In One Day, At Holmes Point Park, Lake Simcoe

Congratulations Pierre Thiriez, UP and RIDING in ONE DAY, successfully completing IKO Level 1 & 2 kiteboarding lessons at Holmes Point Park, Lake Simcoe.

Pierre explored the wind wind, learned about safety, launching & landing, body dragging, power strokes, self-rescue and got UP, RIDING on the board too!

This we a challenging day, indeed we were in the water for 8 hours!

Pierre came to us already an accomplished wakeboarder, so we really only had to teach him how to kite.

We Love Pierre

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