Student Success With Kiteboarding Lessons At Oliphant And Holmes Point

An amazing weekend with lots of new student and friends, kiteboarding and wakeboarding!

Jason and Michele Murdy came to Oliphant, ON, ful of stoke for their IKO kiteboarding lessons and were rewarded with tons of progression!

Aleko Kokkinias, Mike Komljenovic, Brennan Basnicki and Adam also made the drive and we all enjoyed a full day of 20 knots!

Saeed, Ezz and Svenja Baroch came to Holmes Point for IKO kiteboarding lessons, and despite the crazy long-weekend crowds, found lots of space to play with our kites.

Svenja hadn’t been kiting for a couple of years and was all smiles to be back in the water flying her favorite kite!

Ezz was making the most insane figure 8 power strokes I’ve ever seen!

Congratulations, Saeed, UP and RIDING with the kite and board in just his second day of lessons!

Saeed and I also set out to celebrate his success with a wakeboarding sunset session victory lap around the Toronto Islands!

Yes we love wakesurfing and wakeboarding too!Come kiteboarding, wakesurfing and wakeboarding with us!

Say YES to the LIFE you LOVE!

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