Thomas & Fab IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Lessons Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands

An another excellent evening of afterwork lessons focusing on the fundamentals of IKO Level 2 during a sunset session at Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands! Hanlan’s is remarkable, and just a stone’s throw from from downtown Toronto!

Thomas Mouquot while learning to enter/exit the water flying the kite, water relaunch, bodydrag, and powerstroke, also had his first waterstart this evening, almost getting up on the board on just his second lesson! Thomas, however, has kite trained before, and is an avid wakeboarder too, so I can’t take too much credit.

Fab came out to practice as well, working on water relaunch, powerstrokes, body drag – all fundamentals required for successful progression.

There were lots of kiters at Hanlan’s today – old friends were found and new friends were made!

We love our kite community.We Love Hanlan’s

Come kite with is because the time is always now!

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