Kiteboarding IN TORONTO Get IKO Kitesurfing Lessons in Toronto, Ontario & Cabarete, Dominican Republic Kitesurfing In Ontario There are many beautiful kite spots in Ontario - all yours to discover! No Wind? No Problem! We love wakeboarding, wakesurfing & wakefoiling too! We Love Kiteboarding Home Of Dominican Junior & Semi-Pro National Champions Home of Dominican National Champions Team training, team goals, team success in the 2022 DROpen Junior and Semi-Pro classes! WE LOVE FUNDRAISING Small brand, big heart and $10,000+ raised so far! KITE TRIPS TO CABARETE Advance your kiteboarding skills riding waves in Cabarete.

IKO Certified Center

We Love Kiteboarding is Ontario's first and only IKO Center, committed to your safety - following industry-standard best practice throughout your lessons & progression.

Ontario Kiteboarding Lessons

Come kitesurfing with us around Ontario - from downtown Toronto Islands, Cherry Beach and Ashbridge's Bay, to Wasaga Beach, Lagoon City and all the Great Lakes too!

Cabarete Kitesurfing Lessons

Come kitesurfing with us in the Dominican Republic - where, in the off-season, we improve our riding by kiting in the waves, and advance with lessons from the local kite pros.


Kite Club Cabarete had good gear that I was able to use during lessons, it all fit and worked as expected. The venue is a good place for learning as the reef causes waves to be smaller there than at all the other kiting places along the beach that I saw. Keiron was a great instructor, he explained concepts clearly and then assisted the learning process with feedback as you practiced.

Adrian Singer ~ Toronto, Ontario


10/10 Keiron is an amazing instructor and I highly recommend him. Optimal kite school in Toronto. Keiron is an amazing instructor and puts your safety first and then gets you up and running on the board. I highly recommend the school.

Sascha Hass ~ Toronto, Ontario


Keiron is a great teacher. He is really passionate about kite surf and will provide all the information for you to be up and riding, making sure you know everything you need to be safe and keep others safe.

Maxime Plancke ~ Toronto, Ontario


I would recommend We Love Kiteboarding to anyone! Keiron is a knowledgable instructor with an emphasis on safety. He is very positive, encouraging, and patient, setting students up for enjoyable lessons and success, to get you up and riding as quickly as possible. If you are wanting to start learning or improve your kite skills, We Love Kiteboarding is the right choice!

Keverly Dyson ~ Kite Beach, Cabarete


I met Keiron in Cabarete. Very kind guy and a good soul. If you like to learn kitesurfing he is the man. What he is doing for the kids is just great. Thumbs up man!

David John ~ Kite Beach, Cabarete


We Love Kiteboarding is one of the best managed and run kite boarding schools in Ontario and provides lessons in over a dozen location across Ontario. The founder Keiron Smith is the kindest and most generous person you can come across. Keiron is IKO certified and extra safe in all his lessons. He will get you on the water and up and running in no time. Keiron and the whole team at We Love Kiteboarding give back to the community in a huge way and sponsor and support riders in Toronto, Canada and Cabarete, Dominican Republic. If you want to get into the fastest growing water sport in the world, I highly recommend Keiron and the team at We Love Kiteboarding.

Walid Al-Hajj ~ Toronto, ON


Kieron was an amazing instructor, went through everything in depth and had me up and riding in a timely matter. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to get into the sport to get in touch with kieron.

Chris Buldyke ~ Toronto, ON


Keiron and the We Love Kiteboarding school are amazing! I had zero previous experience with kites, surfing, wake boarding, snowboarding, etc and Keiron was able to get me up and riding faster than I thought. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable. He was able to explain things in a way that a complete beginner could grasp. Throughout the lessons Keiron built my confidence by progressing at a comfortable pace and with positive reinforcement. He alway made sure to stress the importance of safety and proper technique. One of the best parts about taking lessons with Keiron at We Love Kiteboarding was that I was introduced to other riders in the Toronto area--who are all at different levels of experience. I was immediately plugged into a welcoming community of riders ready to make new friendships and share their knowledge. The We Love Kiteboarding community is incredible and continuing to grow. If you are in Toronto and want to learn I can't recommend Keiron and the We Love Kiteboarding school enough!

Alex Grippo ~ Toronto, ON


I was looking to try a new sport this summer and was hooked after my first kiteboarding lesson with Keiron. Since then, I’ve had several follow up sessions to help me improve. Keiron always comes to the beach well prepared with several kites, boards, and safety equipment. I knew Keiron was vested in my success when he continued to provide advice and a watchful eye whenever I hit the water on my own. If you’re looking for an instructor who is knowledgeable, patient, motivated and certified, look no further!

Fabiano Medugno ~ Toronto, ON


I had a great [time] going through the basics which I didn't do when practising in France. I certainly feel more knowledge about the kite and feel very confident to improve my skillset to get to the next level!

Thomas Mouquot ~ Toronto, ON


Kieron explained well, showed me and then had me fly the kite. I had other instructors and his teaching methodology was superior and focused on safety

Alison Estrop ~ Toronto, ON


Keiron is simply one of the best! He has incredible patience, passion, and an organic energy about him. He always made sure I had a clear understanding of the various obstacles at every beach we had lessons at, and even after our lessons were over, he’s always happy to lend and ear and chat long after the sunsets. Not only is he an excellent teacher, he’s also the backbone of the Toronto kiting community and always willing to answer questions from local kiters and ensure kiters young and old are informed about the areas they are launching from. I would recommend Keiron in a heartbeat! #WeLoveKiteboarding

Anthony Martins ~ Toronto, ON


Keiron is an amazing instructor who is very knowledgable on everything to do with kiting. He is extremely patient and always takes the time to ensure that you're progressing in a safe and enjoyable way. In addition to his abilities as an instructor, he's done an amazing job brining together like-minded kiters who are all passionate about the sport. If you're new to kiting or looking to step up your abilities on the water, I'd highly recommend working with Keiron and the team at We Love Kiteboarding

Mark Hinnen ~ Toronto, ON


Keiron is a knowledgeable and patient instructor. We had a lot of laughs over the course of the lesson -- it was great fun -- and I'm ready to keep learning to kite!

Marc Apollonio ~ Toronto, ON

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