IKO Kiteboarding Lessons Holmes Point Park

HOLMES POINT PARK, Ontario, on the South East side of Lake Simcoe is another amazing little shallow, soft and sandy launch spot, great for beginner lessons.  And, bonus, Holmes Point is only a little more than an hour from Toronto!



Shallow Water

Nearby Parking

No Amenities

IKO Kiteboarding Lessons At Holmes Point Park

We are invited to kite at Holmes Point Park for the 2022 season, provided we follow the rules.  This is a privilege – not a right – so let us please act accordingly.

Holmes Point Park Kiteboarding Rules

Please read and follow the rules posted on the sign at the entrance to Holmes Point Park.

  1. Rig in the rigging zone (the gravel path in the middle of the park).
  2. Launch and land with assistance in the designated water zone FAR from the beach and trees.
  3. Dry kites across the street (see map).
  4. Stay FAR away from anyone swimming and boating.
  5. If you are a beginner be sure to get professional lessons before flying power kites.

Please do your part and if you see anyone else not following the rules kindly ask them to review the signage posted at the front of the park.

Being warm, shallow, flat and generously spacious with waist deep water for quite a distance out into the lake, Holmes Point Park is a great spot to learn how to kite in Ontario – and two full days of instruction is probably sufficient to get any student up and riding on the kite and board.  For this reason, Holmes Point Park is a preferred location for your IKO level 1 and IKO level 2 instruction when taking lessons with We Love Kiteboarding.

Lots of space for everyone to zone out, find flow, and focus on their own kite progression for that day.

The drive from Toronto to Holmes Point Park takes a little more than one hour.


  • Mon-Fri: $4/hr max $20.
  • Sat-Sun: $5/hr max $25

Ideal wind directions: NE, N, NW

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