IKO Kiteboarding Lessons Lagoon City

LAGOON CITY on the West side of Lake Simcoe is another kiteboarding MECCA in Ontario.  The water is shallow, flat, and wams up very quickly in the spring.  In the summer we can kite with just a t-shirt and shorts.  Incredible kite sessions are topped off with beautiful sunsets, across the lake, on the edge of the horizon.  Most importantly, this sublime kite spot is relatively close to Toronto, only 1.5 hours drive.

Lagoon City No Kiteboarding Sign 2022

For 2022, kiteboarding is again BANNED at Lagoon City – until the first Thursday after Labour Day.*  We were banned in 2020 for bad kiter etiquette.  The by-law in place took effect again in 2021 and again this year.

Note, there is now a $5/hr parking fee.

When kiteboarding is permitted please read, understand and FOLLOW THE NEW RULES posted on the big sign at the entrance to the park!

  1. Kites MUST be pumped and setup/dried next the North fence.
  3. Only ONE inflated kite per rider.
  4. Setup and GO through the YELLOW ZONE into the water right away!
  5. If you’re not kiting, DEFLATE your leading edge, roll your kite up, put it out of the way, next to the North fence.
  6. Do NOT leave kites in the RED ZONE in middle of the park.
  7. Drift-launch FAR from the beach, far beyond the swimming bouys.
  8. Be courteous to the local residents, families, and always give non-kiters the RIGHT-OF-WAY!



Shallow Water

Nearby Parking

No Amenities

Lagoon City Lake Simcoe IKO Kiteboarding Lessons

There is no beach for launching and landing.  So, kites are prepped out-of-the-way on the North side of the park, by the fence.  Once the kite and rider are ready the kite and lines must be carried into the lake.  Walk with the kite FAR out into the lake.  Then water-launch the kite, or ask another kiter to help you launch.

Being warm, shallow, flat and generously spacious Lagoon City is one of the very best spot to learn how to kite in Ontario – where two full days of instruction is probably sufficient to get any student up and riding on the kite and board.  For this reason, Lagoon City is a preferred location for your IKO Level 1 and IKO level 2 instruction when taking lessons with We Love Kiteboarding.

Lagoon City Lake Simcoe IKO Kiteboarding Lessons

There is usually tons of space for everyone to zone out, find flow, and focus on their own kite progression for that day.  But, if there are lots of riders at the same time, the tack line out from the main park can get quite busy, so just head a little downwind and find a nice spot for yourself.

The drive from Toronto to Lagoon City takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Ideal wind directions: NW (Gusty), W, SW, S

We Love Teaching At Lagoon City

Choose a channel, let's chat, let's go!
We are now offering wakesurfing, wakefoiling and wingfoiling too!

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