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Wakeboard & Wakesurf in Toronto, Ontario

Are you interested in wakeboarding or wakesurfing in Toronto, Ontario?  Would you like wakeboarding or wakesurfing lessons to compliment your kiteboarding progression?  On non-windy days wakeboarding and wakesurfing lessons can offer another exciting way to improve your balance, board skills and overall confidence!

Let us know, and be first to get your wakeboarding or wakesurfing lessons in downtown Toronto.  We are currently pre-booking, while awaiting delivery of the perfect boat.  We expect business to be booming on no-wind days.

Contact Us – get your name on the list and be first to ride when we are ready to slide!

Pick up schedules along the Toronto harbourfront will soon be available for online booking.

Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing in Toronto Ontario
Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing in Toronto Ontario

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